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How to Achieve TikTok’s “I’m Cold” Makeup Trend

Chance of sizzle – 100 percent.

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TikTok has provided us with many a makeup look to play with including the “E-Girl” aesthetic, “glazed donut” skin, or more recently the “douyin” makeup look. But the makeup trend that has millions of individuals across the internet and IRL in a frenzy is the “I’m Cold” makeup look. 

What is the “I’m Cold” Makeup Look?

 If you’re not familiar with the concept, the “I’m Cold” makeup look is one that is meant to mimic what one’s face looks out and about in cold and windy weather. For example, one element of the “I’m Cold” makeup look includes a liberal application of red and or pink blush to mimic cheeks and nose that are flushed from the cold. Not only is this makeup trend adorable, but it’s a great way to get the most out of the cold winter months ahead, whether you’re outside playing in the snow or inside enjoying a warm cup of cocoa.

How To Get The “I’m Cold” Aesthetic 

The “I’m Cold” makeup look is a mix of several elements meant to mimic the flushed skin you get after fun winter activities like a snowball fight and the blush of your cheeks and nose after walking around in a frosty environment. 

Wind-Whipped Cheeks 

You can recreate the look of wind-whipped cheeks by applying a liberal amount baby-pink or reddish-colored blush, like Joah Beauty’s Air Light Soft Powder Blush in “Pink Dahlia” or “Bright Peony” on the apples of your cheeks and on the very tip and bridge of the nose. Try to avoid connecting the blush placed on the cheeks and the nose, as you might do with an “E-Girl-” inspired makeup look, to imitate a more natural-looking flush. 

Dewy Makeup Base

For an “I’m Cold”-inspired look, you will want to go in with a light-to-medium coverage foundation or concealer application versus a more full-coverage and matte makeup base. Rather than looking like an air-brushed doll with a full-coverage base, you want to have a more natural-looking base that makes you appear like you decided to spend a day playing out in the snow. A tip to get a cute flushed look to the skin is by applying a cream or liquid highlighter, like the Joah Beauty Liquid Rays Highlighter, with a light hand in a few strategic spots like from the top of the cheekbones to the middle of the apple of your cheek, tip of the nose, and on the cupid’s bow. 

Fluffy Eyebrows To The Max

One of the easiest tricks to getting the “I’m Cold” look is to avoid going for an ultra-defined, arched brow, as you may with an “E-Girl” or “baddie” makeup look, and go for a more natural, fluffy brow. The goal for this makeup look is to look like you’re about to go out on a romantic ice-skating date or take a walk along snow-covered trails, and in both instances a super-defined brow would be harder to maintain. Grab a clear brow gel, like Joah Beauty’s Brow Down to Me Super Hold Brow Setter, and sweep your eyebrows up and out to copy the look of windswept brow hairs. 

White-Tipped Lashes

You can take the extra step towards accomplishing the ultimate “I’m Cold” makeup look by faking the appearance of getting caught in the snow. 

Grab a white-based mascara primer, like the Joah Beauty Lash UPrising Boosting Primer, or white mascara, like this one from Ben Nye. Next, take the mascara and coat halfway through the lash, making sure to swivel it out at the tips to extend the lashes. Go in with 1-2 coats of white mascara on the bottom lashes as well. Now you’ve created the illusion of getting caught in a snow flurry and catching snowflakes with your lashes. 

Brrr… now you’re ready to live out your best snowbunny life with this ultra-adorable look.


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